Business Card Magnets | 3.5in.x2in. (Box of 100)

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  • EASY TO USE | Each magnet is pre-cut to align perfectly with standard business cards. It's easy to make your own refrigerator magnets.
  • GREAT VISIBILITY | The magnetic backing allows your business card to stick to metal filing cabinets, utility shelves, appliances, even car doors. Your customers can keep your contact information exactly where they need it.
  • FLEXIBLE AND SOFT | Pliable magnetic backing can stick even to curved surfaces such as vehicles, poles, and railings.
  • DURABLE PROMOTION | Business cards are easily lost, bent, or mixed in with other documents. A magnet offers clients and customers something they'll keep and use every day.
  • SCALABLE AND EASY | Custom printing magnets for your entire sales and service department can be very expensive. This DIY kit allows you to upcycle your existing business cards into full-color promotional items.