Ceramic Round Magnets | 18mm (Set of 50)

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  • POWERFUL MAGNETS | Minomag ceramic magnets have a strong magnetic field and cling to iron and steel even through paint, paper, or fabric.
  • ADHESIVE BACKING | Peel off the paper and attach magnets to plastic signs, wood frames, or glass plates. Create your own magnetic, adjustable signage.
  • CONVENIENTLY SMALL SIZE | Each magnetic disc is about the size of three US quarters stacked together. Create your own buttons, ornaments, jewelry, and magnetic nametags.
  • INSTANT SOLUTION | No glue, no set times, no holes to drill. Stick magnets to a surface and then place item on a metal beam, railing, vehicle door, or appliance.
  • ADAPTABLE | Stick a few magnetic discs on the front bumper of your vacuum cleaner to pick up damaging staples, paper clips, and pins. Attach a hook or desk organizer to the refrigerator or filing cabinet.