Magnetic Label Holders | 3in.x5in. (Set of 25)

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  • ALL PARTS INCLUDED | Kit includes 25 magnetic label holders, 25 white label cards, and 25 clear PVC covers. Create and update labels by sliding the white cards or additional paper inserts into the slot. It's easy to customize each label.
  • EASY TO USE | Each card holder magnet is 5” wide by 3” tall and has a C-shaped channel for inserting a paper or cardstock label. Print or handwrite your labels and slide them in to these secure holders
  • STRONG MAGNETS | Magnetic holders attach firmly to steel shelving, filing cabinets, lockers, refrigerator doors, and magnetized whiteboards.
  • FAST CHANGES | No need to erase or rewrite cards when changes come up. You can simply move and reposition the magnets to show new teams, scores, seating arrangements, or project updates.
  • ADAPTABLE | Use these adjustable magnetic data card holders anywhere you need to present information that can change rapidly: sports and gaming leagues, scoreboards, PERT charts, organizational charts, conference schedules and room assignments.