Minomag Magnetic Dry Erase Labels 1x3 inch (50 Count)

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  • REMARKABLE WHITEBOARD SURFACE | The surface of these labels is a smooth white polymer that allows you to write with any dry-erase marker and erase cleanly.
  • DOZENS OF USES | Write labels for brainstorming sessions, classroom diagrams, and flowcharts. The ability to adjust, erase, and re-position magnetic labels makes them fun and flexible.
  • LASTING AND EFFICIENT | Don't bother with one-time labels, masking tape, or thermal printing. One Minomag label can be used and reused as your labeling needs change.
  • STRONG MAGNETS | Our thin, flexible magnetic backing works just like a strong refrigerator magnet, clinging firmly to steel and iron. Mount these labels to filing cabinets, mirrors, warehouse shelves, storage racks, and toolboxes.
  • NO STICKY RESIDUE | Unlike stickers or paper labels, our magnetic labels peel away cleanly without leaving a gummy, grimy residue. Get a clean, professional look even in dusty or dirty environments.