Peel and Stick Adhesive Magnetic Squares | 0.79 in. (120 Pack)

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  • STRONG AND FLAT | These sheets start out flat and stay flat. Your magnets won't curl or bend away from the surface of your refrigerator or filing cabinet. The Minomag surface is strongly attractive, so even a small patch can hold far more than its weight.
  • CLEAN AND SIMPLE | You'll receive three sheets of 40 small, precut magnets. One side is magnetic, the other side is sticky. Peel the sticker backing from just the squares you want to use, and the rest will stay clean, flat, and ready for next time.
  • INSTANTLY ORGANIZED | Make your own magnet in seconds by peeling the adhesive and sticking it to any small, lightweight object. Each pre-cut magnet is 2cm square, about the size of a postage stamp.
  • REVERSIBLE | Stick the adhesive side to wood, glass, or plastic surfaces, and you'll have a permanently magnetic patch facing out that can hold paper clips, pins and needles, fishhooks, or small tools. A magnetic patch in your toolbox will keep small screws from rolling around.
  • SURPRISINGLY FUN | Once you get organized, you'll start to see all the fun projects made possible by these magnets. From photographs and stickers to jewelry and ornaments, these magnets bring out your creative crafter!